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12452014-09-08How to batch download UTF-8 files?Batch download2381
12152014-07-07How to batch download webpages with a gap of 10 seconds between two pages?Batch download2074
10222012-11-03How to download all the html articles from a website?Batch download3871
10122012-10-06How to extract all links of a webpage periodically and save to file?Batch download2841
9962012-08-21How to extract all image links from a list of webpages?Batch download4594
8962011-12-15How to generate an html page that include download links of specified files?Text generator3425
8062011-06-24How to extract all emails from many webs with depth 2?Text file parser2092
7692011-04-26How to extract all image links from multiple html files? Html text generator4792
7562011-04-01How to extract all specific links from webpage?Text file parser3246
7352011-03-09How to extract email address from website or webpages?Text file parser4608
7112011-02-01How to extract all specified links from a html file?Text file parser3084
7102011-01-31How to extract all links which contain "shop" from many html files?Text file parser2672
6662010-11-27How to download image files from a serial of html pages?Batch download3106
5642010-07-14How to clone 1000 html files from one html but with increasing number in title?Advanced search and replace1908
4952010-05-02How to change all the webpage address into links inside a html file?Regular expression replace2284
4812010-04-17How to automatically add Previous and Next link for many html files?Advanced search and replace2140
4012010-01-20How to extract all image links from a html file?Text file parser3531
3992010-01-18How to batch download images from some html pages and rename all?Batch download3237
3852010-01-07How to download all html pages with images on some website?Batch download2845
3732009-12-23How to extract all the links and images from many web page files?Html text generator3662
3602009-12-02How to batch download a group of files in a website?Batch download4066
2152008-07-07How to automatically add Previous/Next links at the top of each static html files from A001.html to A200.html?Advanced search and replace2076
1922008-06-17How to download all html and jpg files listed in a webpage?Batch download4607
902008-05-12How to batch check all the links of a website and save to a file?Html text generator2457
472007-11-24Need to extract all links from html fileText file parser3238

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