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14232018-10-07How to fit template file with specified html in same folder?Advanced search and replace696
14192018-07-26How to batch generate html files from a html template file?Html text generator1320
8062011-06-24How to extract all emails from many webs with depth 2?Text file parser2132
7882011-05-24How to create many different html files base on a given template? Html text generator3030
7352011-03-09How to extract email address from website or webpages?Text file parser4675
6332010-10-18How to batch strip/remove utf8 BOM for many files? (Replace Pioneer new version) Replace text in multiple files7263
6312010-10-15How to batch add utf8 BOM for many files? (with Replace Pioneer new version)Replace text in multiple files6358
5642010-07-14How to clone 1000 html files from one html but with increasing number in title?Advanced search and replace1942
3602009-12-02How to batch download a group of files in a website?Batch download4136
3132009-01-27How to count how many http address and email address appearing in a html file?Count and statistics2240
3102008-12-28How to count the frequency of different words in website like and statistics2827
3082008-12-25How to count how many vowels and consonants inside a text file?Count and statistics2655
3072008-12-23How to count how many characters, punctuations in a text file?Count and statistics3435
2942008-11-10How to convert many html files to text files with "fast replace" function?Advanced search and replace4684

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