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10882013-06-21How to append strings between h2 tags to the end of multiple filename?Batch file rename3303
10612013-03-06How to extract text between specified start and end strings?Text file parser3624
9622012-06-17How to replace strings in hundreds of html files in one action?Replace text in multiple files3937
9072012-01-26How to search replace multiple files with distinct search replace definition for each?Replace text in multiple files3488
8292011-07-30How to replace strings in multiple files with a global increasing ID?Replace text in multiple files3494
6372010-10-24How to replace multiple text in multiple files with variable strings?Replace text in multiple files3588
5042010-05-09How do I replace all the tags
in many html files?
Replace text in multiple files3258
4472010-03-14How to replace a string that not enclosed by specific html tag?Advanced search and replace2981
1972008-06-22How to convert all date from format 2008-06-22 to format of 20080622?Advanced search and replace3556

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