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12182014-07-18How to sort paragraphs according to order of first date?Text sort1998
12102014-06-30How to re-arrange lines with in a specified number of lines?Text sort2564
10812013-05-23How to sort the text with digit and non-digit string separated?Text sort2243
10562013-02-17How to change the order of comma delimited sentence fragments randomly?Text sort2569
7732011-05-03How to sort all words in alphabetic order for each line in CSV file?Text sort2491
7392011-03-17How to sort all the numbers in each line randomly?Text sort2832
3872010-01-08How to sort the comma separated words by the length of words?Text sort3076
13572016-03-29How to match same lines between 2 files and combine the line followed?Text merge2007
13562016-03-22How to combine multiple pairs of text files line by line?Text merge2034
13542016-03-19How to copy same lines and combine different lines from 2 files?Text merge1754
11952014-04-18How to merge different CSV with partially different columns into one?Text merge2419
11342013-09-20How to merge columns of 2 files with the same name in different folder?Text merge2568
11252013-09-04How to create a text file by choosing N random lines from each of many files?Text merge2638
10342012-12-18How to merge unique lines found in File A with the text of File B?Text merge2598
10312012-12-07How to insert lines between sentences with specified order?Text merge2705
10132012-10-07How to join every sequential line with a random line in a text file?Text merge2883
9912012-08-14How to merge all files, and split into specified number of files evenly?Text merge2603
9892012-08-12After each line, how to insert 1-10 random lines from other files?Text merge2902
6712010-12-04How to compare two folders and merge files which have same file names by column?Text merge2671
6602010-11-21How to merge two or more files which have same file names?Text merge3221
14112017-12-12How to generate a list of sentences from template sentence?Text generator2396
13102015-07-14How to generate required format with given words in each line?Text generator1916
12632014-11-08How to get a N*M lines file, given a N-line file and a M-line file?Text generator1923
11382013-09-25How to generate full combinations of "a b" where a and b are from 2 different files?Text generator2131
11072013-07-17How to generate a full list of url that consist of a group of words?Text generator2469
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