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14512020-01-28How to search and capitalize title in multiple HTML files?Replace text in multiple files1180
14382019-06-24How to extract specified text from pdf files?Advanced search and replace895
14312018-12-19How to delete last blank lines from multiple files?Advanced search and replace1105
14302018-12-18How to split a text file according to specified tags?Text file splitter1132
14252018-11-09How to batch extract A1~A5 from txt file to a single file?Text file parser1060
14242018-10-09How to find sentences that match Chinese(UTF-8 encoding) characters?Text file parser1050
14232018-10-07How to fit template file with specified html in same folder?Advanced search and replace920
14192018-07-26How to batch generate html files from a html template file?Html text generator1538
14172018-05-01How to make lines with specified string lowercase in a bunch of text files?Replace text in multiple files1530
14162018-03-23How to convert an normal script to batch running script? Advanced search and replace1672
14102017-12-11How to change network configuration files automatically?Advanced search and replace1895
14092017-12-10How to highlight words appeared in same line in another file?Advanced search and replace1721
14062017-12-05How to count original form of words in a passage?Advanced search and replace1345
13992017-08-12How to merge lines with identical first row in two files?Advanced search and replace1537
13932017-06-09How to do binary file search and replace with regular expression?Search replace binary1673
13922017-04-14How to extract tables from many html files into one csv file?Text file parser2146
13912017-04-14How to batch extract html title from files and link to the file?Text file parser2026
13862016-12-28How to extract column 1 and 7 from csv files and replace each dash with space?Text file parser2185
13832016-11-15How to find files with specified encoding and convert to utf8?Character encoding2694
13822016-11-04How to replace a string with one of the specified words randomly in multiple files?Random word generator2108
13802016-10-13How to batch extract line contains words:aaa or bbb by order?Text file parser1802
13792016-09-24How to pick up lines containing specified suffix from many files in a folder?Text file parser1770
13732016-06-13How to extract lines containg specified words from many files?Text file parser2079
13722016-06-12How to find files containing abc in folder f1 and move to folder f2?Batch file rename2248
13642016-04-23How to remove lines containing specified words in a text file?Advanced search and replace1987
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