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4982010-05-05How to batch extract ascii text from multiple binary files, such as exe files?Text file parser3841
8722011-10-13How to search and replace strings in multiple utf-8 encoded text files?Character encoding3523
9222012-02-20How to replace strings in multiple text files with an increasing id start from 1?Replace text in multiple files3407
9362012-04-13How to batch rename last part of filenames to the strings from a file?Batch file rename3328
4342010-02-27How to replace one content of same files with different contents ?Replace text in multiple files3108
8332011-08-04How can I search and replace multiple strings in multiple files all at once?Replace text in multiple files3028
11482013-11-22How to remove everything after specified strings in text files?Replace text in multiple files2981
9622012-06-17How to replace strings in hundreds of html files in one action?Replace text in multiple files2941
6372010-10-24How to replace multiple text in multiple files with variable strings?Replace text in multiple files2747
8292011-07-30How to replace strings in multiple files with a global increasing ID?Replace text in multiple files2606
5652010-07-15How to replace strings in multiple files based on the search/replace mapping file?Replace text in multiple files2587
9092012-01-28How to replace the same words in text files with different strings?Advanced search and replace2561
9652012-07-03How to replace strings and numbers with new format in multiple files?Replace text in multiple files2423
5042010-05-09How do I replace all the tags
in many html files?
Replace text in multiple files2379
9482012-05-19How to search same text in differnt files and replace with different strings?Replace text in multiple files2212
12392014-09-01How to replace string in the Nth file with the Nth strings from a list?Advanced search and replace1776

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