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14392019-07-15How to sort csv files by two or more columns?Text sort633
14372019-03-04How to remove phrases not containing any dictionary word?Advanced search and replace1334
14362019-02-26How merge many txt files to a txt file horizontally?Text merge1229
14352019-02-16How to replace different words conditionally?Advanced search and replace1111
14322019-01-08How to generate multiple copies of each line with different values? Advanced search and replace1526
14302018-12-18How to split a text file according to specified tags?Text file splitter969
14242018-10-09How to find sentences that match Chinese(UTF-8 encoding) characters?Text file parser899
14132017-12-31How to replace text conditionally with custom dictionary?Advanced search and replace2094
14112017-12-12How to generate a list of sentences from template sentence?Text generator2264
14062017-12-05How to count original form of words in a passage?Advanced search and replace1237
14052017-10-26How to delete phrase does not contain word mat in between two tabs?Regular expression replace1812
14012017-08-21How to sort specified items descendingly in each line?Advanced search and replace1662
14002017-08-18How to find numbers in specified location and sort them?Advanced search and replace1554
13952017-06-29How to find out all specified keywords from a file? Advanced search and replace1729
13922017-04-14How to extract tables from many html files into one csv file?Text file parser2040
13872017-01-01How to split multiple text files by 100 lines?Text file splitter2167
13852016-12-26How to extract specified columns from blocks of text?Text file parser1832
13812016-10-30How to re-group all lines in a file by a wordlist file?Text file parser1930
13792016-09-24How to pick up lines containing specified suffix from many files in a folder?Text file parser1644
13752016-07-17How to remove all lines that can be found in another file?Advanced search and replace1674
13732016-06-13How to extract lines containg specified words from many files?Text file parser1956
13662016-05-23How to count the number of specified part in each line?Count and statistics1625
13642016-04-23How to remove lines containing specified words in a text file?Advanced search and replace1853
13572016-03-29How to match same lines between 2 files and combine the line followed?Text merge1913
13562016-03-22How to combine multiple pairs of text files line by line?Text merge1935
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