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14382019-06-24How to extract specified text from pdf files?Advanced search and replace578
13862016-12-28How to extract column 1 and 7 from csv files and replace each dash with space?Text file parser1966
13852016-12-26How to extract specified columns from blocks of text?Text file parser1736
13732016-06-13How to extract lines containg specified words from many files?Text file parser1868
13682016-05-23How to extract and join first words from adjacent lines?Text file parser1622
13672016-05-23How to extract different part from adjacent lines?Text file parser1471
13212015-11-03How to extract random lines containing specified words?Text file parser1614
12752015-01-03How to extract the forth column in the second line from different files?Text file parser1890
11672014-01-13How to batch extract specified words from one txt file with specified name?Text file parser2043
11592013-12-15How to extract all data followed by specified words from many files?Text file parser2260
11512013-12-04How to extract 3,4,5th columns from csv file and replace comma with space?Text file parser1815
11092013-07-19For each word in list, how to extract all lines contain the word and save to word.txt?Text file parser2000
11082013-07-19How to extract all lines that contain specified words or phrases?Text file parser3736
10862013-06-11How to keep the key words and delete all the other words?Text file parser1880
9692012-07-12How to extract specified columns from a large pipe separated csv file?Text file parser2740
9012012-01-05How to extract distinct webpages from weblog file?Text file parser2383
8502011-09-06How to extract company name ended with "co ltd" from many website?Text file parser2218
8442011-08-30How to extract all commands from operation log file in unix platform?Text file parser1921
8272011-07-28How to extract all lines with specified date range from text file?Text file parser3161
7232011-02-21How to make column merge for files in two folders?Text merge2758
7192011-02-17How to extract the second column from a database text file?Text file parser2744
7072011-01-27How to extract all upper cases words from a text file?Text file parser2535
6912011-01-05How to extract column 3,6,7,8 from each line of text?Text file parser2145
6902011-01-04How to extract all odd columns 1,3,5,... from a text file?Text file parser2406
6762010-12-11How to extract the 7th column from text files with 8 columns?Advanced search and replace2597
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