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11402013-09-29How to change each line of data to the specified format?Advanced search and replace2181
9342012-04-03How to change the numbering format in a text file to a new format?Advanced search and replace2362
4572010-03-23How to change the format of url and add ".htm" at end?Advanced search and replace13389
4452010-03-12How to change all negative numbers to the format of (number)?Advanced search and replace2138
4202010-02-12How to convert numbers into scientific format with specified spacing?Advanced search and replace2429
3972010-01-17How to run a program on many html files to extract useful text?Text file parser2621
3962010-01-16How to extract text from many webpage files and form a dabase file?Text file parser3471
2232008-07-14How to change all numbers which have format of (number) to -number?Advanced search and replace1946

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