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14292018-11-22How to extract and format sentences matching given word list?Advanced search and replace1021
13832016-11-15How to find files with specified encoding and convert to utf8?Character encoding2566
13102015-07-14How to generate required format with given words in each line?Text generator1836
13002015-04-24How to merge 4 lines to one according to given rules?Advanced search and replace1482
12812015-02-22How to make following multiple rules replacement?Regular expression replace1709
12772015-01-26How to find out in each line which words in the list appear?Advanced search and replace1691
12742014-12-16How to decrease the first 4 digits in the beginning of each line by 1000?Text data calculation2104
12632014-11-08How to get a N*M lines file, given a N-line file and a M-line file?Text generator1845
12602014-10-12How to divide by 10 for all numbers not less than 40?Text data calculation1878
12062014-05-21How to download all jpg files from the second level webpages?Batch download2589
11902014-03-30How to multiply numeric values within defined criteria in given text?Advanced search and replace1746
11122013-07-31How to copy all files under all sub-folders "sym" to common folder?Advanced search and replace2178
10472013-01-24How to sort lines that started with IP address?Text sort2371
9942012-08-20How to rename mp3 files by exchanging artist and name part?Batch file rename2407
9872012-08-08How to rename files according to a given mapping list?Batch file rename3124
8392011-08-21How to split a text file into multiple files evenly on size?Text file splitter3016
8222011-07-18How to extract all records that contains specified field values?Text file parser2319
7882011-05-24How to create many different html files base on a given template? Html text generator3125
5882010-08-13How to generate a list of number base on given formula such as 3n+1?Text generator2321
5732010-07-26How to calculate the area automatically given a list of radius of a circle?Text data calculation1807
5572010-07-07How to generate a full number list base on given number range list?Text generator2515
5242010-06-02How to change the number to the corresponding letter base on mapping table?Advanced search and replace2174
4382010-03-05How to generate an IP address list base on given subnet?Text generator4371
792008-05-11How to rename files according to a given mapping list?Batch file rename2643

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