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14522020-03-25How to generate all possible combinations between AAAA-0000 to ZZZZ-9999?Text generator3078
14412019-08-05How to replace specified lines with each line from a file respectively?Advanced search and replace2111
14282018-11-14How to convert a list of phone numbers to required format?Advanced search and replace2221
14112017-12-12How to generate a list of sentences from template sentence?Text generator3499
14102017-12-11How to change network configuration files automatically?Advanced search and replace2838
13952017-06-29How to find out all specified keywords from a file? Advanced search and replace2708
13922017-04-14How to extract tables from many html files into one csv file?Text file parser3158
13382016-01-27How to remove sentence fragments from File A based on list in File B?Advanced search and replace2048
13212015-11-03How to extract random lines containing specified words?Text file parser2753
13112015-07-16How to extract all http links from multiple web sites in one time?Batch download3499
13092015-07-01How to randomly replace each word with a list of pre-defined words?Random word generator2881
12942015-04-07How to generate a list from 00001 to FFFFF?Text generator2611
12772015-01-26How to find out in each line which words in the list appear?Advanced search and replace2619
12652014-11-26How to search and replace multiple file with multiple regex rules?Regular expression replace2943
12392014-09-01How to replace string in the Nth file with the Nth strings from a list?Advanced search and replace2831
12322014-08-16How to find from an article all words not appeared in a word list?Text file parser3199
12152014-07-07How to batch download webpages with a gap of 10 seconds between two pages?Batch download3354
11732014-02-11How to extract specified text followed by 8 digits from text file?Text file parser3192
11672014-01-13How to batch extract specified words from one txt file with specified name?Text file parser3504
11492013-11-23How to extract all links that contain imprint from a webpage?Batch download3728
11382013-09-25How to generate full combinations of "a b" where a and b are from 2 different files?Text generator3186
11322013-09-13How to find missing numbers from a list of numbers?Advanced search and replace3013
11092013-07-19For each word in list, how to extract all lines contain the word and save to word.txt?Text file parser3236
11082013-07-19How to extract all lines that contain specified words or phrases?Text file parser5292
11062013-07-16How to auto generate required url from list of words?Text generator3208
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