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13722016-06-12How to find files containing abc in folder f1 and move to folder f2?Batch file rename2350
12702014-12-08How to run a 3rd party application on multiple files?Replace text in multiple files1936
10592013-03-01How to extract all paragraphs matching "spanning-tree" and remove the match line?Text file parser2706
9842012-08-04How to extract all lines containing words in specified file?Text file parser3680
7482011-03-26How to delete all lines appear in file B from file A?Advanced search and replace2605
7202011-02-17How to split a text file according to first word in each line?Text file splitter3907
6602010-11-21How to merge two or more files which have same file names?Text merge3330
6492010-11-04How to move a list of files that in different folders to a common folder?Batch file rename3074
6292010-10-13How to batch generate md5sum and sha1sum of all exe files under some folder?Text generator3497
5592010-07-08How to split many merged avi files into original avi files?Text file splitter3281
3922010-01-15How to copy many files that defined in a list file to another folder?Batch file rename3581

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