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14662023-02-15How to rename all the files by appending the calculated file size?Batch file rename1115
13272015-12-01How to set column N according to some words in column A in csv file?Advanced search and replace2611
13162015-09-01How to sort some segments in xml file?Text sort2861
12512014-09-17How to speed up while replacing large amount or size of files?Replace text in multiple files2435
9912012-08-14How to merge all files, and split into specified number of files evenly?Text merge3574
9692012-07-12How to extract specified columns from a large pipe separated csv file?Text file parser4031
8752011-10-18How to count the index page size of multiple web sites?Count and statistics3207
8412011-08-25How to split a text file into multiple files with maximum 100k bytes?Text file splitter4259
8392011-08-21How to split a text file into multiple files evenly on size?Text file splitter4069
5772010-07-31How to rename all the files by adding the file size after filename?Batch file rename3385
5592010-07-08How to split many merged avi files into original avi files?Text file splitter4085
3652009-12-11How to search a subset of xml filenames and rename them?Batch file rename3465
2862008-10-25How to list all specific terms that appearing in a text file?Advanced search and replace3476

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