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14532020-05-08How to move and rename files from multiple folder with specified order?Batch file rename923
14462019-10-28How to rename files with part of first line in file content?Batch file rename1045
14362019-02-26How merge many txt files to a txt file horizontally?Text merge1437
14302018-12-18How to split a text file according to specified tags?Text file splitter1215
14232018-10-07How to fit template file with specified html in same folder?Advanced search and replace975
14192018-07-26How to batch generate html files from a html template file?Html text generator1608
14062017-12-05How to count original form of words in a passage?Advanced search and replace1409
13912017-04-14How to batch extract html title from files and link to the file?Text file parser2101
13902017-02-18How to split a text file with specified start and end line and name?Text file splitter2515
13872017-01-01How to split multiple text files by 100 lines?Text file splitter2362
13722016-06-12How to find files containing abc in folder f1 and move to folder f2?Batch file rename2311
13712016-06-10How to generate several different versions of shuffled paragraphs?Advanced search and replace1906
13702016-06-10How to randomly generate some of the permutation of paragraphs?Advanced search and replace1815
13692016-06-07How to generate permutation of all paragraphs?Advanced search and replace1700
13602016-04-10How to copy/remove files to a folder named by first part of filename?Batch file rename1942
13562016-03-22How to combine multiple pairs of text files line by line?Text merge2127
13502016-03-03How to extract info from xml value and generate a new format text?Advanced search and replace1542
13272015-12-01How to set column N according to some words in column A in csv file?Advanced search and replace1795
13252015-11-18How to set column N according to content of column A in csv file?Advanced search and replace1737
13182015-10-08How to join corresponding line of multiple text files with specified format?Text generator2000
13132015-07-22How to split multiple text files, and append line N to N.txtText file splitter2199
12972015-04-15How to duplicate a line and change midi to mp3 in many files?Replace text in multiple files2078
12962015-04-13How to batch rename files to the first date found in the files?Batch file rename2145
12852015-03-09How to rename files in batch download?Batch download2093
12832015-03-02How to refine multiple text files by specified rules?Advanced search and replace2141
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