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14302018-12-18How to split a text file according to specified tags?Text file splitter1569
13902017-02-18How to split a text file with specified start and end line and name?Text file splitter2786
13852016-12-26How to extract specified columns from blocks of text?Text file parser2266
13402016-02-16How to extract the first and last lines where the second column is the same?Text file parser1778
11152013-08-13How to remove all paragraphs(lines) that only contain single sentence?Replace text in multiple files2558
10632013-03-08How to extract interface of paragraph without "sw ac" or "sw tr"?Text file parser2311
10622013-03-07How to extract specified interface and sw from router configuration file?Text file parser2361
10592013-03-01How to extract all paragraphs matching "spanning-tree" and remove the match line?Text file parser2986

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