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14542020-07-16How to extract content between 2-1000 lines from multiple txt files?Text file parser1821
13212015-11-03How to extract random lines containing specified words?Text file parser2256
12752015-01-03How to extract the forth column in the second line from different files?Text file parser2470
11242013-09-02How to extract last 100 lines from multiple files?Text file parser3591
11202013-08-27How to extract first 55 characters form multiple .txt.files?Text file parser2980
11152013-08-13How to remove all paragraphs(lines) that only contain single sentence?Replace text in multiple files2676
11092013-07-19For each word in list, how to extract all lines contain the word and save to word.txt?Text file parser2742
11082013-07-19How to extract all lines that contain specified words or phrases?Text file parser4751
10592013-03-01How to extract all paragraphs matching "spanning-tree" and remove the match line?Text file parser3162
9642012-06-28How to extract 3 lines from each file randomly?Random word generator3020
9422012-04-30How to extract all lines that contain "abc" from multiple files?Text file parser3433
9002011-12-30How to extract specified lines in multiple excel(csv) files?Text file parser3696
8112011-06-30How to extract and remove common lines from multiple files?Text file parser3832
7812011-05-18How to extract all lines with numbers from many text files?Text file parser3285
7552011-03-30How to extract all lines with more than 30 characters from multiple files?Text file parser3142
7332011-03-07How to extract multiple lines in specified order from many text files?Text file parser3485
2362008-07-28How to batch extract specified lines from a text file?Text file parser4290

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