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13762016-07-24How to extract all lines not containing 'ing' and 'and'?Text file parser2362
13612016-04-11How to remove all lines containing key-board letters only?Advanced search and replace2164
10002012-09-04How to extract all sentences that contain special keyword from multiple articles?Text file parser3512
9842012-08-04How to extract all lines containing words in specified file?Text file parser3914
9732012-07-19How to extract/remove all lines containing an accentued letterAdvanced search and replace2358
9432012-05-02How to extract all blocks that contain specified strings like "A"?Text file parser2887
8092011-06-29How to extract all distinct parent folder names from a list of files?Text file parser2554
8072011-06-24How to extract all http links from multiple web sites in one time?Text file parser3563
8062011-06-24How to extract all emails from many webs with depth 2?Text file parser2577
6832010-12-23How to extract all lines that containing ABC or DEF with original order?Text file parser2650
3572009-11-11How to list out all the lines which has having specified keyword. Text file parser3871

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