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8542011-09-14How to generate IE favorite items from a list of url addresses?Advanced search and replace6732
7692011-04-26How to extract all image links from multiple html files? Html text generator5103
9962012-08-21How to extract all image links from a list of webpages?Batch download4879
11082013-07-19How to extract all lines that contain specified words or phrases?Text file parser4021
4982010-05-05How to batch extract ascii text from multiple binary files, such as exe files?Text file parser3841
6552010-11-16How to extract titles from many html files into a txt file?Html text generator3777
8642011-09-30How to download multiple webpages with part of url as filename?Batch download3629
4022010-01-22How to extract all lines that contain words A and B and C?Text file parser3607
9842012-08-04How to extract all lines containing words in specified file?Text file parser3522
3572009-11-11How to list out all the lines which has having specified keyword. Text file parser3515
7602011-04-07How to extract email addresses from multiple webpages?Text file parser3514
8272011-07-28How to extract all lines with specified date range from text file?Text file parser3354
8112011-06-30How to extract and remove common lines from multiple files?Text file parser3314
8072011-06-24How to extract all http links from multiple web sites in one time?Text file parser3253
8682011-10-08How to create an index page for all html files under a folder/directory?Html text generator3157
9002011-12-30How to extract specified lines in multiple excel(csv) files?Text file parser3126
10002012-09-04How to extract all sentences that contain special keyword from multiple articles?Text file parser3069
3852010-01-07How to download all html pages with images on some website?Batch download3047
9422012-04-30How to extract all lines that contain "abc" from multiple files?Text file parser2945
7812011-05-18How to extract all lines with numbers from many text files?Text file parser2883
7102011-01-31How to extract all links which contain "shop" from many html files?Text file parser2880
7322011-03-03How to extract all sentences that contain specified words?Advanced search and replace2847
10462013-01-24How to extract all proper names and nouns that start with an upper case letter?Text file parser2842
8832011-11-07How to extract all c++ comments from multiple cpp files?Text file parser2819
11242013-09-02How to extract last 100 lines from multiple files?Text file parser2808
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