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13742016-06-20How to add a
at the end of each paragraph?
Advanced search and replace2061
13522016-03-14How split words from file where all words are joined without spaces?Text file parser1962
13222015-11-07How to remove all but first lines whose second column is bigger than 6?Advanced search and replace1670
13172015-09-02How to generate all palindromic prime with specified length? Text generator2099
12862015-03-16How to find words without vowels and capitalize them?Advanced search and replace1462
11612013-12-20How to merge odd lines from file1 and even lines from file2?Text merge3151
10412012-12-25How to change "|" to slash and double backslash alternatively?Advanced search and replace2127
10202012-10-30How to join all odd lines together and all even lines together?Advanced search and replace2244
9912012-08-14How to merge all files, and split into specified number of files evenly?Text merge2896
9402012-04-22How to automatically distribute many files into subfolders evenly?Batch file rename3608
9062012-01-25How to search and replace text for specified occurrences with reg exp?Regular expression replace2687
8392011-08-21How to split a text file into multiple files evenly on size?Text file splitter3400
5902010-08-16How to change the even sequence id of the comma to space in each line?Advanced search and replace2182
5142010-05-19How to enclose all the odd number of lines with a pair of tags?Advanced search and replace2702
4542010-03-20How to batch change LRC file by joining 2 ajacent lines into one line?Advanced search and replace2168
2902008-11-02How to remove/delete all lines with even line number?Advanced search and replace4042
2862008-10-25How to list all specific terms that appearing in a text file?Advanced search and replace2870
2272008-07-18How to remove/delete all lines with even line number?Advanced search and replace2905
712008-05-08I have many files, how to rename them with even numbers like file2,file4,file6,...Batch file rename2427

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