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14242018-10-09How to find sentences that match Chinese(UTF-8 encoding) characters?Text file parser559
13832016-11-15How to find files with specified encoding and convert to utf8?Character encoding2206
12362014-08-25How to replace accented characters in text file with non accented equivalents?Advanced search and replace1532
12082014-06-19How to extract sentences that contain specified words from UTF8 file?Advanced search and replace1604
10762013-05-03How to find out utf8-BOM encoded files among many files in a folder?Character encoding2553
7272011-02-27How to save specified lines of text file into different files?Advanced search and replace2401
6292010-10-13How to batch generate md5sum and sha1sum of all exe files under some folder?Text generator3093
2212008-07-13How to batch add utf8 BOM of many files?Advanced search and replace3962

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