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14682024-01-18How to encode normal URL?Advanced search and replace280
14612021-08-13How to open and display text encoded by Thai Language?Character encoding1898
13832016-11-15How to find files with specified encoding and convert to utf8?Character encoding3712
13242015-11-16How to convert invalid charcters in csv file?Character encoding2956
11892014-03-29How to merge files in all folders into one folder?Batch file rename4116
11472013-11-17How to detect encoding of text file and convert it to another encode?Character encoding4007
10762013-05-03How to find out utf8-BOM encoded files among many files in a folder?Character encoding3876
10092012-10-01How to copy a specific file to all sub-folders?Advanced search and replace3008
9972012-08-21How to make ROT13 encryption but ignore text in angular bracket?Replace text in multiple files3415
9922012-08-19How to put artist into ID3 tag in multiple mp3 files?Search replace binary3389
8932011-12-03How to count the number of words that started with "en"?Count and statistics3271
8722011-10-13How to search and replace strings in multiple utf-8 encoded text files?Character encoding4565
7202011-02-17How to split a text file according to first word in each line?Text file splitter4765
6982011-01-13How to convert many text files from encoding utf8 to utf8-BOM?Character encoding16314
6192010-09-24How to convert multiple files from one encoding to another with online tool?Character encoding9470
5842010-08-09How to batch decode multiple files that were base64 encoded?Character encoding7529
5832010-08-08How to convert multiple files from utf8 to GB2312?Character encoding9691
5802010-08-04How to make base64 encoding on multiple files?Character encoding4101
4562010-03-22How to decode all utf-8 encoded url address into readable text?Character encoding12488
2742008-09-29Is there a way to batch uuencode a lot of files?Character encoding3833
2102008-07-02How to convert/change a utf-16(utf16) txt file to ansi txt file?Character encoding9696
2042008-06-27How to rename many files with the last modified date of the file?Batch file rename6006
1322008-05-19How to change/convert encoding of xml files in all sub-directorys from unicode to utf8(utf-8)?Character encoding4771
592008-04-27How to take all files in a directory and convert/change them from UTF-16LE encoding to ISO-8859-1 encoding.Character encoding3798

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