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6042010-09-02How to calculate SUM of EMAs and Covariance of close value from stock data?Text data calculation2304
5992010-08-27How to generate 12 columns EMA with different periods based on "close" value?Text data calculation2422
5532010-07-03How to calculate Elder's Force Index (EFI) and related MA, EMA for stock data?Text data calculation2660
4212010-02-13How to add MACD, EMA, FAST%K, SLOW%D and BB columns for stock data?Text data calculation2534
3792009-12-31How to add MACD, EMA, FAST%K, SLOW%D columns for CSV file of stock data?Text data calculation2753
3712009-12-21How to produce two new columns: MACD(12,26) and MACD EMA(9) on stock data?Text data calculation2225

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