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14442019-10-04How to remove duplicate words within col 1 in tab separated file?Advanced search and replace516
13192015-10-18How to remove the first occurrance of duplicated words in each line?Advanced search and replace1333
11092013-07-19For each word in list, how to extract all lines contain the word and save to word.txt?Text file parser2039
10662013-03-18How to filter out the duplicate number after the specified keywords?Advanced search and replace1903
10462013-01-24How to extract all proper names and nouns that start with an upper case letter?Text file parser2716
9132012-02-06How to remove consecutive duplicate words in multiple files?Regular expression replace3995
9012012-01-05How to extract distinct webpages from weblog file?Text file parser2427
7722011-04-30How to remove all lines with duplicate value in column B in CSV file?Advanced search and replace2138
6482010-11-04How to generate a vocabulary file base on any text file with English articles?Advanced search and replace2056
6142010-09-18How to duplicate column A by the number of times in column B in csv file?Text generator2233
4402010-03-07How to extract/parse all upper cases Acronyms from a text file?Text file parser2058
4242010-02-18How to remove partially duplicated lines in a text file?Advanced search and replace3066
4122010-02-04How to remove all duplicated lines without considering the last word?Advanced search and replace2112

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