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10822013-05-24How to convert list of hexadecimal to binary ?Bin Hex Oct Dec converter2107
9502012-05-22How to remove first number in each line for multiple files?Replace text in multiple files2633
9392012-04-18How to replace all specified symbols with dot in specified range?Advanced search and replace2285
9342012-04-03How to change the numbering format in a text file to a new format?Advanced search and replace2187
7822011-05-19How to convert asp code to corresponding hex bytes separated by comma?Bin Hex Oct Dec converter2380
7662011-04-18How to batch rename files by replacing semicolon with a single dot?Batch file rename2724
7182011-02-16How to add a single space after each character in a text file?Regular expression replace6078
2662008-09-04How to change a paragraph of text to a specical shape like a triangle?Advanced search and replace2009
2202008-07-12How to batch strip(remove) utf8 BOM of many files?Advanced search and replace7308
2112008-07-03Is it possible to remove/delete characters at specified location(such as 1,3,5) of each line?Advanced search and replace2399

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