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14492019-12-27How to rearrange the words in each line and top of file?Advanced search and replace2088
14352019-02-16How to replace different words conditionally?Advanced search and replace2274
13672016-05-23How to extract different part from adjacent lines?Text file parser2538
13412016-02-16How to remove paragraphs with different 4th column and last column in second line?Text file parser2435
13162015-09-01How to sort some segments in xml file?Text sort2881
12922015-04-05How to add different words at the beginning of each line?Regular expression replace2765
12792015-02-04How to replace the space with its nearest different words in the same column?Advanced search and replace2514
12752015-01-03How to extract the forth column in the second line from different files?Text file parser3030
10972013-07-08How to replace the words with its nearest different words in the same column? Advanced search and replace3056
10962013-07-06How to replace strings with words in a list in sequence or randomly?Advanced search and replace3159
10772013-05-05How to insert a blank line after each group of lines with same month?Advanced search and replace3047
9482012-05-19How to search same text in differnt files and replace with different strings?Replace text in multiple files3155
9092012-01-28How to replace the same words in text files with different strings?Advanced search and replace3571
8232011-07-20How to count the number of words with different length in an English article?Count and statistics2867
6082010-09-09How to generate EMA of close of different periods and related STD from stock data?Advanced search and replace3028
6022010-08-30How to calculate the summaries of different EMA based on close values in stock?Text data calculation3228
5992010-08-27How to generate 12 columns EMA with different periods based on "close" value?Text data calculation3226
4242010-02-18How to remove partially duplicated lines in a text file?Advanced search and replace4396
4122010-02-04How to remove all duplicated lines without considering the last word?Advanced search and replace3074
3682009-12-17How to batch replace word "old" in many files with different words "new1","new2",...?Replace text in multiple files2902
3102008-12-28How to count the frequency of different words in website like and statistics3865
2982008-11-25How to replace all words "NAME" in a file to different names listed in another file in sequence?Advanced search and replace3179
2462008-08-11How to batch rename files from format like NAME-YEAR.mp3 to YEAR-NAME.mp3?Batch file rename4583
2032008-06-26How to batch rename files from format like TEST_2008_06_22_ABC.TXT to 20080622.TXT?Batch file rename3404

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