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12482014-09-12How to extract all lines that contain specific words in a file?Text file parser2209
11842014-03-10How to delete or copy text that match specified pattern of html tag?Text file parser1777
9152012-02-07How to remove duplicate sentences across many articles in different files?Replace text in multiple files3911
8882011-11-17How to remove all lines that contain one or more words in a list?Advanced search and replace2630
8522011-09-09How to filter out all web pages that does not contain specified words?Text file parser2280
7872011-05-23How to delete a list of files from a directory and subdirectories?Advanced search and replace2203
6152010-09-19How to delete the first 1-10 lines in many files? Advanced search and replace3007
1932008-06-18How to remove/delete all underscores in filenames of all files in a directory?Batch file rename11167

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