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13942017-06-16How to delete all the lines with the '*' char?Regular expression replace1549
9712012-07-16How to delete all blank/space at the beginning of each line?Advanced search and replace2763
4032010-01-25How to extract all lines that contain A, but not any of B C D?Text file parser2709
4022010-01-22How to extract all lines that contain words A and B and C?Text file parser3540
3952010-01-16How to convert database file into "|" delimitered file?Advanced search and replace2063
3402009-06-24How to delete the full stop in the end of the lines.Advanced search and replace1896
2062008-06-29How to remove/delete line breaks of all lines which has more than 20 characters?Advanced search and replace2726
1312008-05-19How to sort and delete duplicate lines of a text file?Text sort13253

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