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11252013-09-04How to create a text file by choosing N random lines from each of many files?Text merge2568
11152013-08-13How to remove all paragraphs(lines) that only contain single sentence?Replace text in multiple files2079
9852012-08-04How to make multiple copies of a file and rename them from a list?Batch file rename4344
8972011-12-19How to extract multiple fields from data file and create a csv file?Text file parser2790
8802011-10-30How to create a text file including filenames in a folder with specified format?Text generator2809
8682011-10-08How to create an index page for all html files under a folder/directory?Html text generator3103
7882011-05-24How to create many different html files base on a given template? Html text generator3139
5592010-07-08How to split many merged avi files into original avi files?Text file splitter3111
5272010-06-06How to create multiple vcf(vcard files) files from a name-telephone list?Text file splitter13535
3622009-12-09How to batch rename files in different folders and move them to a common folder?Batch file rename2958

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