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11982014-04-29How to change a list of URL into specified hyperlink format in HTML?Html text generator2476
10082012-09-27How to convert csv files into tables with html format?Advanced search and replace2026
7672011-04-21How to convert multiple text files to html files with self-defined format?Replace text in multiple files2712
7432011-03-22How to extract email address from one or more Word files immediately?Advanced search and replace2336
7412011-03-20How to convert file among MS word, PDF and TXT format?Advanced search and replace2201
6982011-01-13How to convert many text files from encoding utf8 to utf8-BOM?Character encoding14215
4642010-04-01How to convert the date in a text file into GMT(Greenwich Mean Time)?Advanced search and replace2421
3432009-07-15How to read the text from a web page and change all letters to lower case?Advanced search and replace1995
2942008-11-10How to convert many html files to text files with "fast replace" function?Advanced search and replace4747
2142008-07-06How to add 15 days on all date(YYYY-MM-DD) in a text file?Advanced search and replace1870
1972008-06-22How to convert all date from format 2008-06-22 to format of 20080622?Advanced search and replace2408
1532008-05-24How to convert many html files to text files all at once?Html text generator3421
1212008-05-17How to count how many characters in a web page?Count and statistics2939
482007-11-24Convert text file to HTMLHtml text generator4604
462007-11-24Need to convert html file to text file, removing html tags and all style/script blocks, etc.Html text generator3077

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