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7422011-03-21How to batch rename files replacing a hex epoch time with human translated time? Batch file rename3305
6442010-10-31How to combine 2 lists of numbers into 2 columns repeatly?Advanced search and replace2566
4582010-03-25How to replace the specified text with increasing HEX strings?Advanced search and replace3094
3592009-11-30How to change a hex text into decimal and apply a maths expression on it?Bin Hex Oct Dec converter3744
2802008-10-13How to change text file with hexidecimal format into original binary file?Search replace binary6759
2792008-10-12How to change a binary file into text file with readable hexidecimal format?Search replace binary7321
2002008-06-23Is it possible to convert all the hexadecimal figures in a file to plain readable code?Advanced search and replace3314

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