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13322015-12-17How to compare and get the difference between numbers of two file?Text data calculation1864
11412013-10-11How to batch rename files by removing all trailing numbers?Batch file rename2471
10572013-02-24How to change the location of all numbers randomly?Advanced search and replace2159
7832011-05-19How to replace a number with another number in same text file?Regular expression replace2548
7262011-02-25How to copy all text 3 times and increase some numbers each time?Advanced search and replace2364
5722010-07-24How to change all numbers in a text file to 2 decimial places?Advanced search and replace2739
5242010-06-02How to change the number to the corresponding letter base on mapping table?Advanced search and replace2284
4452010-03-12How to change all negative numbers to the format of (number)?Advanced search and replace2176
2702008-09-21How to change all numbers in a text file to the comma separated numbers?Advanced search and replace2484
2232008-07-14How to change all numbers which have format of (number) to -number?Advanced search and replace1976
2002008-06-23Is it possible to convert all the hexadecimal figures in a file to plain readable code?Advanced search and replace2934

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