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13462016-02-21How to calculate time difference of two adjacent and matched lines?Text data calculation1385
12712014-12-09How to merge text by first column and calculate average for rest columns?Text data calculation1854
12442014-09-06How to batch calculate numbers and make the result divisible by 5?Text data calculation1856
12272014-08-05How to calculate the total energy consumption in group?Text data calculation1559
12262014-08-05How to calculate the average of the numbers in the same column?Text data calculation1692
12132014-07-04How to calculate the average of numbers of one column?Text data calculation1785
11052013-07-15How to make math calculation on columns and generate a new column of result?Text data calculation1880
11002013-07-10How to calculate the sum of the numbers in the same column?Text data calculation1893
9302012-03-26How to multiply every number by 1000 in a text file?Text data calculation3584
8192011-07-12How to calculate the average of all numbers that preceded by dollar sign?Text data calculation2084
7592011-04-07How to calculate sum value of every column?Text data calculation2213
7282011-02-28How to calculate the percentage of the number in the column1?Text data calculation2168
6872010-12-30How to calculate the area of triangles base on 3 sides automatically?Text data calculation2487
6852010-12-28How to take every line from file A and file B and calculate summary?Text data calculation2097
6812010-12-21How to calculate sum of every column and keep original columns?Text data calculation2101
6802010-12-19How to calculate summary of every column in a text file?Text data calculation2367
6792010-12-19How to calculate the summary of all numbers in multiple files?Text data calculation2725
6652010-11-26How to calculate the absolute average value of every 2 columns?Text data calculation2236
6642010-11-25How to calculate the maximum value of the first n lines?Text data calculation2009
6632010-11-23How to calculate the summaries of every line in a txt file?Text data calculation2297
6572010-11-17How to calculate Parabolic SAR on a 5 days basis of stock data?Text data calculation3788
6342010-10-20How to calculate md5 hex value of each line of text file?Text data calculation7526
6302010-10-14How to calculate CFMO 15 and CFMO 21 from csv file of stock data?Text data calculation2202
6042010-09-02How to calculate SUM of EMAs and Covariance of close value from stock data?Text data calculation2116
6022010-08-30How to calculate the summaries of different EMA based on close values in stock?Text data calculation2184
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