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13932017-06-09How to do binary file search and replace with regular expression?Search replace binary2114
6332010-10-18How to batch strip/remove utf8 BOM for many files? (Replace Pioneer new version) Replace text in multiple files8016
6312010-10-15How to batch add utf8 BOM for many files? (with Replace Pioneer new version)Replace text in multiple files7213
3242009-03-31How to create 1000 files from template.txt, change "ITEM1" to "ITEM1", ..."ITEM1000" for each file?Advanced search and replace2692
2802008-10-13How to change text file with hexidecimal format into original binary file?Search replace binary6764
2792008-10-12How to change a binary file into text file with readable hexidecimal format?Search replace binary7334
2752008-09-30How to batch uudecode a lot of files?Advanced search and replace2900
742008-05-09How to convert binary data in many text file to hexdecimal data?Bin Hex Oct Dec converter3427
512007-11-25Convert a text from binary to hexBin Hex Oct Dec converter4870

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