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7022011-01-20How to remove the 120 bytes that followed by ABC in binary files?Search replace binary2582
7002011-01-18How to modify multiple binary files by removing bytes starts from 206?Search replace binary2314
5952010-08-23How to find bytes 0xAB**CD and replace with 0xCD**AB in multiple binary files?Search replace binary2521
5782010-08-01How to convert multiple text files from UNIX format to DOS format?Replace text in multiple files2773
5672010-07-17How to delete everything starting specific bytes till the end in many files?Search replace binary2665
4512010-03-18How to replace bytes in the specific postion of many binary files?Search replace binary3081
3582009-11-28How to open a binary file and replace some bytes inside it?Search replace binary2725
2802008-10-13How to change text file with hexidecimal format into original binary file?Search replace binary5422
2792008-10-12How to change a binary file into text file with readable hexidecimal format?Search replace binary5727
2772008-10-06How to batch remove/delete first 500 bytes of many binary files?Search replace binary4190
2692008-09-20How to batch change binary files, change all bytes 0x2348 to 0x3032?Search replace binary3651

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