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722008-05-08How to batch rename files by removing the first 3 characters of each file name?Batch file rename6034
4272010-02-21How to extract tables from html files into csv file automatically?Text file parser3992
4742010-04-11How to extract all email addresses from many text files?Text file parser3767
11082013-07-19How to extract all lines that contain specified words or phrases?Text file parser3728
9702012-07-12How to search/replace multiple text files base on rules from csv file?Replace text in multiple files3616
2362008-07-28How to batch extract specified lines from a text file?Text file parser3603
9142012-02-06How to remove duplicate lines in multiple files in different sub-folders?Replace text in multiple files3551
3962010-01-16How to extract text from many webpage files and form a dabase file?Text file parser3280
3992010-01-18How to batch download images from some html pages and rename all?Batch download3274
8112011-06-30How to extract and remove common lines from multiple files?Text file parser3146
7462011-03-25How to extract all html address from a text file?Text file parser3101
1682008-05-31How to rename all files in a directory, replace all 'abc' in the filename with 'def'?Batch file rename2977
6032010-09-01How to findout all lines that contain specified words in multiple files?Text file parser2973
4342010-02-27How to replace one content of same files with different contents ?Replace text in multiple files2912
10122012-10-06How to extract all links of a webpage periodically and save to file?Batch download2908
1462008-05-22How to rename files by removing the characters between '(' and ')'?Batch file rename2863
1092008-05-15How to batch remove/delete first 8 lines of many files?Advanced search and replace2720
10902013-06-23How to merge two columns of a CSV file?Advanced search and replace2704
2532008-08-19How to extract text enclosed by "body" tag from many html files and join together?Text file parser2657
3182009-02-16How to create a serial files from a template file with "_TAG_" replaced by different strings?Advanced search and replace2645
7042011-01-24How to remove the sequence number before each line of text file?Regular expression replace2627
7052011-01-25How to remove the timestamps at the start of line in lrc files?Advanced search and replace2563
3442009-07-20How to extract/parse title from many html files and join together?Text file parser2547
6712010-12-04How to compare two folders and merge files which have same file names by column?Text merge2514
3972010-01-17How to run a program on many html files to extract useful text?Text file parser2487
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