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14362019-02-26How merge many txt files to a txt file horizontally?Text merge1231
14192018-07-26How to batch generate html files from a html template file?Html text generator1426
13912017-04-14How to batch extract html title from files and link to the file?Text file parser1898
13872017-01-01How to split multiple text files by 100 lines?Text file splitter2170
13132015-07-22How to split multiple text files, and append line N to N.txtText file splitter2037
12972015-04-15How to duplicate a line and change midi to mp3 in many files?Replace text in multiple files1890
12962015-04-13How to batch rename files to the first date found in the files?Batch file rename1971
12832015-03-02How to refine multiple text files by specified rules?Advanced search and replace1923
12782015-01-31How to batch insert file name in the text?Replace text in multiple files1983
12702014-12-08How to run a 3rd party application on multiple files?Replace text in multiple files1749
12692014-12-08How to apply my own shuffle algrithm on multiple files?Replace text in multiple files1704
12642014-11-14How to insert first 7 characters of filename into the end HTML file?Advanced search and replace1626
12532014-09-28How to batch rename files by repositioning numbers?Batch file rename2171
12352014-08-23How to batch insert part of the filename into the file content?Replace text in multiple files1952
12162014-07-08How to batch remove everything in filename after pattern like -xxx@ ?Batch file rename2604
12052014-05-13How to batch rename html files with specified text from html title tags?Batch file rename3100
12042014-05-11How to batch rename html files to specified text from html title tags?Batch file rename2249
11952014-04-18How to merge different CSV with partially different columns into one?Text merge2321
11942014-04-17How to batch rename files by remove everything after specificed string?Batch file rename2369
11592013-12-15How to extract all data followed by specified words from many files?Text file parser2365
11582013-12-14How to extract all data like ##.##-##.## from many files?Text file parser1913
11502013-12-02How to batch split file delimitered by second comma in each line?Text file splitter2506
11442013-10-28How to batch split file delimitered by first dash in each line?Text file splitter2689
11422013-10-24How to rename files by removing all leading numbers?Batch file rename2171
11412013-10-11How to batch rename files by removing all trailing numbers?Batch file rename2324
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