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13152015-08-09How to keep specified number of lines randomly?Random word generator2506
12012014-05-02How to take words from first line and insert into text file randomly?Advanced search and replace2552
11972014-04-29How to take part of the first line and insert them in text file randomly?Advanced search and replace2633
9672012-07-08How to count the number of consecutive lines with specified pattern?Count and statistics2630
9662012-07-03How to count the number of lines under each specified pattern?Count and statistics2728
9272012-03-15How to batch rename files by appending the number of lines at the end?Batch file rename3430
8132011-06-30How to shuffle specified lines in multiple text files?Advanced search and replace3589
4922010-04-29How to count the number of lines and characters in multiple files and make a list?Count and statistics3226
4692010-04-06How to count and sort the frequency of all words appeared in many text files?Count and statistics6274

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