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12852015-03-09How to rename files in batch download?Batch download2094
12622014-10-27How to download a list of image files and rename them?Batch download2598
12452014-09-08How to batch download UTF-8 files?Batch download2677
11892014-03-29How to merge files in all folders into one folder?Batch file rename2941
11682014-01-17How to batch download webpage as UTF-8 text file?Batch download2518
11492013-11-23How to extract all links that contain imprint from a webpage?Batch download2615
11332013-09-17How to create some copies of 2 files with specified names?Advanced search and replace2107
11122013-07-31How to copy all files under all sub-folders "sym" to common folder?Advanced search and replace2336
10222012-11-03How to download all the html articles from a website?Batch download4232
8962011-12-15How to generate an html page that include download links of specified files?Text generator3701
8642011-09-30How to download multiple webpages with part of url as filename?Batch download3711
8492011-09-05How to search all jpg files in subfolders and copy to a new folder?Advanced search and replace3432
5932010-08-19How to extract multiple webpages and save all text into text files?Batch download5928
4912010-04-28How to find out all files that contain all words of A, B and C?Advanced search and replace2529
4852010-04-22How to find out all files that contain both A and B and copy to a new folder?Advanced search and replace2409
4652010-04-01How to batch download jpg files that listed in an excel file in order?Batch download19849
3992010-01-18How to batch download images from some html pages and rename all?Batch download3525
3922010-01-15How to copy many files that defined in a list file to another folder?Batch file rename3540
3622009-12-09How to batch rename files in different folders and move them to a common folder?Batch file rename3100
1922008-06-17How to download all html and jpg files listed in a webpage?Batch download5073
1782008-06-06Can I download by all url addresses which are listed in a text file?Batch download4119
1222008-05-17How to batch download a group of web pages with increasing id?Batch download4558

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