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13512016-03-07How to split English sentence and Chinese sentence into different lines?Advanced search and replace2460
13152015-08-09How to keep specified number of lines randomly?Random word generator2546
12752015-01-03How to extract the forth column in the second line from different files?Text file parser2472
10642013-03-14How to add in different sentences after the different lines?Advanced search and replace2869
8162011-07-06How to insert 100 different lines into the beginning of 100 text files?Replace text in multiple files4586
4262010-02-20How to sort the lines in a text files by the order of line length?Text sort4520
3672009-12-15How can I replace the 3rd lines of many files to a fixed string?Replace text in multiple files2653
3182009-02-16How to create a serial files from a template file with "_TAG_" replaced by different strings?Advanced search and replace3174
3102008-12-28How to count the frequency of different words in website like and statistics3362

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