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14252018-11-09How to batch extract A1~A5 from txt file to a single file?Text file parser500
12692014-12-08How to apply my own shuffle algrithm on multiple files?Replace text in multiple files1517
9792012-07-24How to add a new line return after specified char combinations?Regular expression replace2051
9582012-06-10How to batch rename PDF files with the date inside the file?Batch file rename3312
7132011-02-06How to wrap text by adding return but without breaking words?Advanced search and replace2009
6932011-01-07How to sort lines of text file by comparing the sum of column1, 2 and 3?Text sort2885
4152010-02-06How to add a number in each line indicating number of words in this line?Count and statistics2409
2002008-06-23Is it possible to convert all the hexadecimal figures in a file to plain readable code?Advanced search and replace2666
1592008-05-27Is there a way to add a fixed line before each line of text?Advanced search and replace2052
1552008-05-25How to add a semicolon at the end of each line?Advanced search and replace2940
1032008-05-15How to add hard returns to limit line length to 40, but without breaking word?Advanced search and replace2759
982008-05-14How to make html tags for image file list automatically?Advanced search and replace2448
932008-05-13How to add a <Return> after each period '.' in text file?Advanced search and replace1896
922008-05-13How to add a blank line after every 8 lines in text file?Advanced search and replace2572

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