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14052017-10-26How to delete phrase does not contain word mat in between two tabs?Regular expression replace1914
11432013-10-28How to extract numbers in specified position and join with comma?Text file parser2097
8472011-09-02How to remove leading spaces and tabs in each line in multiple text files?Regular expression replace3663
7982011-06-12How to copy column A to column D if column D is blank(absent) in a csv file?Regular expression replace1973
7442011-03-24How to sort numbers by the order of distance from some number?Text sort2416
6652010-11-26How to calculate the absolute average value of every 2 columns?Text data calculation2393
5292010-06-08How to replace all consecutive spaces and tabs into one single comma in text file?Regular expression replace4590
3972010-01-17How to run a program on many html files to extract useful text?Text file parser2623
3962010-01-16How to extract text from many webpage files and form a dabase file?Text file parser3474
3952010-01-16How to convert database file into "|" delimitered file?Advanced search and replace2118

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