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13152015-08-09How to keep specified number of lines randomly?Random word generator2546
13092015-07-01How to randomly replace each word with a list of pre-defined words?Random word generator2404
10682013-03-28How to randomly select 2~5 lines and append a string at end?Random word generator2754
10262012-11-21How to distribute 6 numbers into multiple lines randomly?Random word generator2907
9642012-06-28How to extract 3 lines from each file randomly?Random word generator3022
9332012-03-30How to replace or remove 3 lines randomly in a text file?Random word generator3135
7632011-04-12How to extract 5 unique lines from a text file with 30 lines?Random word generator3317
4932010-04-30How to batch generate IP address list that like real IP addresses randomly?Random word generator4960
1262008-05-18How to generate a random binary sequence matrix?Random word generator4239

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