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350.Replace text in multiple files -- How to batch change format of multiple files?

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Type: Replace text in multiple files   
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How to batch change format of multiple files?
Input Sample:
source file format: 
  site s1   x                 =0;  y !y1_actinoli 0.7231  z               =1/2;  occ NA+1 0.04  beq 0.970 
              occ CA+2 0.88  beq 0.970 
              occ MN+2 0.08  beq 0.970 
  site s2   x                 =0;  y !y2_actinoli 0.9113  z               =1/2;  occ MG+2 0.39  beq 0.580 
              occ FE+2 0.61  beq 0.580 
  site s3   x                 =0;  y !y3_actinoli 0.8214  z                 =0;  occ MG+2 0.34  beq 0.550 
Output Sample:
Target file format: 
  site NA   x                 =0;  y !y1_actinoli 0.7231  z               =1/2;  occ NA+1 0.04  beq 0.970 
              occ CA+2 0.88  beq 0.970 
              occ MN+2 0.08  beq 0.970 
    site MG   x                 =0;  y !y2_actinoli 0.9113  z               =1/2;  occ MG+2 0.39  beq 0.580 
              occ FE+2 0.61  beq 0.580 
    site MG   x                 =0;  y !y3_actinoli 0.8214  z                 =0;  occ MG+2 0.34  beq 0.550
Hint: You need to Download and install "Replace Pioneer" on windows platform to finish following steps.
Summary of the question: the "site sXX" and "occ YY" are in the same line, replace "site sXX" with "site YY" 
1. open "Tools->Batch Runner" window 
2. click "Pick Files" to pick multiple files 
3. If you want rename file at the same time, check "set output filename" option, and change ${FILENAME} to the format you need. 
4. Click "Fast Replace" button, open "Fast Replace" dialog 
* Click "Add"  
* Enter "Search=>" to be  
* Enter "Replace=>" to be  
* Click "OK" 
* Make sure "Regular Exp" option is checked, then Click "Start", done! 
Note: to avoid unexpected data loss, please make backup before any change operation.

Screenshot 1:  Fast_Replace_Window

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