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1451.Replace text in multiple files -- How to search and capitalize title in multiple HTML files?

User: Donovan -- 2020-01-28          << 1449  1452 >>
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Type: Replace text in multiple files   
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Search multiple HTML files and change the first letter of each word between the HTML  
tag <title></title> to uppercase.  
Input Sample:
<title>the benefits of taking fish oil  
Output Sample:
<title>The Benefits Of Taking Fish Oil  
Hint: You need to Download and install "Replace Pioneer" on windows platform to finish following steps.
1. open "Tools->Batch Runner" menu 
2. drag multiple html files from file browser to "Batch Runner" window 
3. edit "change output folder" entry to change output file folder. 
4. click "Fast Replace" button open "Fast Replace" window 
5. click "Add" to add new replace rules. 
* set "search" to:  
* set "replace" to:  
* click "ok" 
6. check "ignore cases" option, "reg exp" option and "cross line" option. 
7. click "start", done.(you can click "test" to verify result in advance)

Screenshot 1:  Fast_Replace_Window

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