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1444.Advanced search and replace -- How to remove duplicate words within col 1 in tab separated file?

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Type: Advanced search and replace   
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In a tab separated file, remove duplicate words within column 1 (case  
insensitive). This is similar to http://www.mind- but here we do not  
remove the entire line. We just remove the word and trailing \t
Input Sample:
BBB C1 D1  
PPP C2 D2  
BBB C3 D3  
CC C4 D4  
Output Sample:
BBB C1 D1  
C2 D2  
C3 D3  
CC C4 D4  
C5 D5
Hint: You need to Download and install "Replace Pioneer" on windows platform to finish following steps.
1. ctrl-o open source file 
2. ctrl-h open 'replace' dialog 
* set 'replace unit' to 'Line' 
* set 'replace with pattern' to: 
* set 'if' to: 
* click 'advanced' tab, set 'run following at the beginning  
of replace' to: 
3. click 'replace', done! 
4. ctrl-s save to file.

Screenshot 1:  Replace_Window

Screenshot 2:  Replace_Advanced_Window

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