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1360.Batch file rename -- How to copy/remove files to a folder named by first part of filename?

User: Aaron -- 2016-04-10          << 1359  1361 >>
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Type: Batch file rename   
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I would like to request a variation of scripts 851 and 1203. 
Move and sort each text file into a folder with name that appears before the double underline __ characters.
Input Sample:
Sam Brown__textA.txt 
Linda Cooper__text3.txt 
Sam Brown__textC.txt 
Linda Cooper__text2.txt 
Sam Brown__textB.txt 
Linda Cooper__text1.txt 
Output Sample:
Folder name: Sam Brown 
Sam Brown__textA.txt 
Sam Brown__textB.txt 
Sam Brown__textC.txt 
Folder name: Linda Cooper 
Linda Cooper__text1.txt 
Linda Cooper__text2.txt 
Linda Cooper__text3.txt 
Hint: You need to Download and install "Replace Pioneer" on windows platform to finish following steps.
1. open "Tools->Batch Runner" menu 
2. drag multiple text files from windows file browser to "Batch Runner" window. 
3. change 'set output filename' to: 
4. click "File Rename" to move files to new location, or click "Copy/Download" to copy files to new location.

Screenshot 1:  Batch_Runner_Window

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