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1105.Text data calculation -- How to make math calculation on columns and generate a new column of result?

User: shan feng -- 2013-07-15          << 1104  1106 >>
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Type: Text data calculation   
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How to calculate with formula? Assume the fifth colume is A,the sixth column is B,the formula is C=100-10*0.77*(A-B) ,let C replace B.If C<0,let C=0;if C>100,let C=100.
Input Sample:
4 41 5 6 29.2 25.1 
4 41 5 6 29.6 12.5 
4 41 5 6 24.7 24.8
Output Sample:
4 41 5 6 29.2 68.43 
4 41 5 6 29.6 0 
4 41 5 6 24.7 100
Hint: You need to Download and install "Replace Pioneer" on windows platform to finish following steps.
1. ctrl-o open text file 
2. ctrl-h open 'replace' dialogue 
* set 'replace unit' to 'Line' 
* set 'replace with pattern' to: 
3. click 'replace', done.

Screenshot 1:  Replace_Window

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