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New concept of "Text Replacement"

Text Replacement is one of the most common operations for computer users. Almost everyone know how to replace "Tom" with "Tommy" in a text editor tool. Some advanced users also know how to replace "apple|orange" to "some fruits" with advanced tools supporting regular expression.

Unfortunately, our common understanding about "Text Replacement" never go beyond!

However, with deeper research and practice, the formal release of "Replace Pioneer" announces the new concept of "Text Replacement":

ANY TEXT CONVERSION WORK can be done by "Text Replacement"!

How does "Replace Pioneer" make difference?

Following are some common text tools for computer users:

A text replacement and conversion tool supporting ascii and binary file;
A word translation and correction tool;
An encode converstion tool supporting any encoding;
A html to text/link converstion tool;
A binary/hex/octet/decimal conversion tool;
A batch command generator;
A report tool which can extract figures from free format text file;
A word counting/sorting/statistics tool;
A file merge and split tool, supporting vertical and horizontal direction;
A batch web site visiting and downloading tool;
A text editor supporting column mode and parenthesis matching;

Before installing Replace Pioneer, things go like:

To finish all kinds of text works, it will be a great trouble for you to search, buy, install and maintain so many softwares in you computer, and it will be also a great challenge for your computer to manage and execute so many tasks.

The worse thing is, the story will never come to an end, once you have a new kind of text processing work, you need to find and install a new tool, and bring a new trouble. Sooner or later, the crash of your computer will be a nightmare to you because you must re-install all your tools and repeat all your troubles.

That is not the worst! Some tasks can not be done without programming! Imagine you need to generate a report base on the data of hundreds of web pages or text documents, or you need to download a excellent novel with hundreds of html files from internet and save to your PDA, you will find none of single tool is competent, you have to:

* Start a batch download tool to download all your webpages;
* Start a batch html/text conversion tool to convert all html files to text;
* Start a file merging tool to merge all text file into one file;
* Make a program by yourself to extract and organize useful data from the text file;
* Start an encoding conversion tool to make your target text fit your PDA;

Even for advanced computer users, above are all tough tasks which will take hours, and effort will be doubled if the user need to finish the similar work twice.

For users without programming skill, the only choice is to manually edit the text file, to remove unnecessary text and keep the rest, it will take days even weeks if the amount or size of file is large.

However, using "Replace Pioneer", things are totally different:

First of all, you can put most of your text conversion tools into trash. You will free a lot of space, time, money and keep trouble away!

What if you have new kind of text processing requirement not listed above? -- do try "Replace Pioneer", it works!

It is nature that you doubt "Replace Pioneer" can undertake all above tasks.

Let's look into detail of Replace Pioneer:

Replace Pioneer is a text replacement based tool, but it has many switches or filters, each one can control one aspect of task, here are only some major switches:

File type switch control reading from files/webpages/DOS commands.
Webpage saving type switch control web page saving as text, html or links.
File encoding switch control input/output file encoding type.
File split switch control output file split by bytes/lines/paragraph/column.
Text merge switch control new text overwrite/append/column append to old text.
Delimiter switch enabling customer-set word delimiter or paragraph delimiter.
Replace Unit switch control the target to replace is characters, word, line or paragraph.
Replace scope switch control the searching scope is line, paragraph, line of paragraph or all.
Replace number switch control to replace text with only predefined sequence id.
Print unmatched switch control whether keep the unmatched text or not.
Condition switch control whether replace or not by a additional condition command.
Batch file source switch control getting file names by pick or search or extract from web address
Search or replace switch control to do search only or do replace as well.
Many other switches ... 

By controlling each one of the switches, user can get a different tool:

* By change file type switch to 'webpage', user can get a webpage visiting tool.
* By change the input/output encoding switch, user can get a encoding conversion tool.
* By change file split swith to 'line/paragraph/column', user can get a different file split tool.

By controlling combination of two or more switches, user can perform a complicate task in one step.

Let's take a look at how "Replace Pioneer" finish the above task of "web page data processing".

* Change the file type switch to 'webpage'
* Change the webpage type switch to 'text'
* Change the text merging switch to 'append', all text will append to one page
* Change the combination of search and replace switches/filters, to extract and organize text data
* Change the output file encoding switch to proper encoding for your PDA
* After above switches, filters, parameters are configured, user can click one 'Batch ...' button, and get webpage addresses(URL list) from a file prepared in advance, then click 'Replace', the expected target text will be created.

The more inspiring thing is that the above operation are automatically recorded, user can do similar or same task by just reloading the old commands.

Another big convenience to user is that Replace Pioneer supports special functions and all perl functions, user can take any part or combination of source text to form a target text.

A lot of text conversion works also depend on these functions, which largely improves system's extendability.

Following are some extended functions in latest releases:

1.1 adds html to text/link conversion functions
1.11 adds make_batch function
1.11 adds word auto-correct function
1.13 adds ip to country function
1.14 adds date conversion series functions
transpose(text,input_delimiter,output_delimiter,col_width1, col_width2, ...)

What difference does 'Replace Pioneer' make in detail?

The secret that "Replace Pioneer" make the unbelievable achievement -- Four Great Invention.

As a pioneer in text replacement area, "Replace Pioneer" fills a lot of blanks

All below functions marked with are the unique function of "Replace Pioneer".

"Four Great Invention" of Replace Pioneer
1) Find text much more accurate
2) Replace text much more flexible
3) File input/output much more powerful
4) Operation much more easier and reliable

1) Find text much more accurate:

Let's start from a comparation of search function(text to find for replace):

Search ScopeBasic ToolsAdvanced ToolsReplace Pioneer
All textvvv
Highlighted text v 
Paragraphs matching specified Pattern and No  v
Lines matching specified Pattern and No.  v
Lines with specified Pattern and No. in specified paragraph.  v

ExampleOther ToolsReplace Pioneer
only Search in 1,3,5,7,... line xv
only Search in Paragraph containing specified wordxv
replace the 2nd word in each linexv

Search TextBasic ToolsAdvanced ToolsReplace Pioneer
Fixed textvvv
Pattern(Regular Expression) vv
Enhanced Regular Expression (partial)v

*"Enhanced Regular Expression" is Regular Expression combined with and(&), or(or), not(!)

ExampleOther ToolsReplace Pioneer
only search word containing a and b xv(a&b)
only search line not containing abc or def xv(!(abc|def))

DelimitersBasic ToolsAdvanced ToolsReplace Pioneer
Define-able word delimiter and max word length  v
Define-able paragraph delimiter and max paragraph line  v

ExampleOther ToolsReplace Pioneer
Search second word of each line delimitered by '|'xv
Paragraph delimitered by "Chapter", Collect the first sentence of each chapterxv
Separate paragraph by every 100 lines, Add a header and footer for each paragraphxv

2) Replace text much more flexible:

Comparison in replace function(replace with text):

The Unit to be replaced Basic ToolsAdvaned Tools Replace Pioneer
The exact found Textvvv
The word containing found text  v
The line containing found text  v
The Paragraph containing found text  v

ExampleOther ToolsReplace Pioneer
attach 's' to all words containing 'ea'xv
remove the line containing 'abc' or 'def'xv
duplicate the paragraph start with 'abc'xv

From above example, do you think it is a critial issue if a replace tool can not support replace unit?

The No. to replace Basic ToolsAdvaned Tools Replace Pioneer
All matched textvvv
only listed No.  v

ExampleOther ToolsReplace Pioneer
only replace the second appeared 'abc' to 'def'xv
only remove the 1,4,7,10,13,... line xv
replace 'abc' to 'def' except the 1st and 2ndxv

Replace With WhatBasic ToolsAdvaned Tools Replace Pioneer
Fixed Textvvv
Simple conversion of matched Text  vv
Variables such as line_no combine with matched text  v
Function and expresion of matched text*  v

support some customized functions and all perl functions

ExampleOther ToolsReplace Pioneer
Insert current date time before each paragraphxv
add sequence id to filename in batch commandsxv
replace each paragraph with 3rd and 4th line exchangedxv
reverse every word in the textxv
convert whole html to text(v1.1 new feature)xv
convert ip address to country name(v1.13 new feature)xv
make bin/hex/dec/oct(binary/hexadecimal/decimal/octet) conversionxv
translate word according to dictionaryxv

Advanced Replace FeaturesBasic ToolsAdvaned Tools Replace Pioneer
Additional Replace Condition filter  v
Run a user program for each matched text  v
Run a user program at the beginning of replace  v
Add Text at begin or end of file  v
Print unmatched text switch  v
Using of Macro  v

The additional Replace condition and user programming are advanced features which is designed to cover all situations which can not covered by normal functions.

If the Print unmatched text switch is off, user can extract only matched text and remove all that not matched text.

Using of Macro enable user to define some easy symbols to represent a complex expression.

ExampleOther ToolsReplace Pioneer
Condition:If the word is incorrect, make auto-correctionxv
Condition:If the word length is less than 3, remove itxv
Programming:Summarize each matched figure into a variablexv
Add end text:Print summary of matched figure at the end of textxv
Pring unmatched switch: Find figure only and remove the rest xv

3) File input/output much more powerful:

Write Mode of Input/Output Basic ToolsAdvanced Tools Replace Pioneer
Append(>>) vv
Column Append(>>>) (unix paste cmd)v

Note: Column Append (>>>) is a symbol inventered by Replace Pioneer.

Column Append Mode enable user to paste a new column to the right of the file or edit window. It's useful if user want to paste many columns together from difference sources.

ExampleBasic ToolsAdvanced Tools
Join some files into a big onexv
Join many files into same edit windowxx
Join some files add a header before each onexx
Paste files using Column append modexx

Input File SourceBasic ToolsAdvanced ToolsReplace Pioneer
Text Filevvv
DOS commands vv
FTP file v 
WEB Page as text  v
WEB Page as html or links  v

ExampleOther ToolsReplace Pioneer
Take text from web directlyxv
Save web page to html filexv
Check all links in webpagexv

Output File SplitBasic ToolsAdvanced ToolsReplace Pioneer
Split to files with same size vv
Split to files with same number of lines vv
Split to files by Paragraph delimiter  v
Split to files, each has a different number of bytes  v
Split to files, each has a different number of lines  v
Split to files, each has one column separated by word delimiter  v
Split to files, each has a different column width  v

Encoding SupportBasic ToolsAdvanced Too lsReplace Pioneer
Load file with specified Encoding vv
Save file with specified Encoding vv
Convert Encoding and make text replace in one step  v

ExampleOther Tools Replace Pioneer
Convert a UTF-8 file to UTF-16 manuallyxv
Change 'abc' to 'def' and convert from gbk to UTF-8 in one stepxv

Text Replace StreamBasic ToolsAdvanced Tools Replace Pioneer
Input file --(replace)-> Output filevvv(fast replace)
Edit Window 1 --(replace)-> Edit Window 1 vv
Edit Window 1 --(replace)-> Edit Window 2  v
Input->Edit Window1--(replace)->Edit Window2--(split processing)->Output  v

Notes: The symbol '->' stands for write mode, can be overwrite(>), append(>>) or column append(>>>), so there are 3x3x3=27 combination of operation stream type, flexible enough to handle any cases.

4) Operation much more easier and reliable:

Log RecordingBasic ToolsAdvanced Tools Replace Pioneer
Auto record every replace  v
Can auto record detail of each replace  v
Provide statistics of impacted patterns in paragraph/line/word  v

User can open history log to find out what operation has been done and what is replaced in detail.

Redo a Replace convenientlyBasic ToolsAdvanced Tools Replace Pioneer
Open script file, change and redo v(VBA)v
Click realtime log records, change and redo  v
Open history log records, change and redo  v

Just 2 clicks can repeat the just finished replace sequences, no need to re-enter replace parameter.

Template and scriptingBasic ToolsAdvanced ToolsReplace Pioneer
Using replace templates vv(more than 100 templates)
Writing script in VBA v 
Auto saved Replace log can be directly used as scripts  v
Realtime log can save/append to scripts  v

No need to "write" the scripts, the replace operation will generate log, which can be directly used as scripts.

Undo SchemeBasic ToolAdvanced ToolsReplace Pioneer
1 time undovvv
unlimited undo vv
result are written to new page, no need to undo in most time   v

By default, user's replace result is written in new page, incorrect replace operation will not change source page, user can just ignore incorrect replace and do not need undo.

This scheme largely improves efficiency, user can retry more than 10 times in one minutes to find out the correct replace parameters in final.

Multi file replaceBasic ToolAdvanced ToolsReplace Pioneer
save new files to new directory vv
one replacement on multi-file vv
multi replacement on multi-file  v
auto search files in directory  vv
get filename list from a file  v
extract name list from web address  v
customized output name  v
first line as output name  v

There are also many Powerful and Distinguashed tools integrated in "Replace Pioneer":

Powerful ToolsBasic ToolAdvanced ToolsReplace Pioneer
Batch Operation of fast_replace(support multiple replace and binary file) vv
Batch Operation of rename/copy/change_encode/download/merge  v
Replace Pattern Builder  v
Semi-Automatical Encoding Detection  v
Function Syntax tips vv

It's time to reveal that how "Replace Pioneer" can cover all below area:

Function Area Solution in Replace Pioneer
A text replacement and format conversion tool proper using replace scope,replace unit and functions.
A word translation and correction tool using functions in replace text
An encode converstion tool supporting any encoding proper seting input/output encoding type
A html to text/link converstion tool using functions like html_to_txt
A binary/hex/octet/decimal conversion tool using perl internal functions to convert
A batch command generator using make_batch and make_batch1 functions
A report tool which can extract figures from free format text file proper using replace unit, functions, and print unmatched switch.
A word counting/sorting/statistics tool proper using programming and replace functions.
A file merge and split tool, supporting vertical and horizontal direction proper using input/output, and split switches.
A batch web site visiting and saving tool using @http://web_site as input filename.
A text editor supporting column mode and parenthesis matching every edit window including search and replace window support column mode and parenthesis matching.

There are more than 100 replace templates, almost covered all above operations, users can use these templates directly, may not need to type each field manually.

Different tool, different services!

For most of above categaries, there are also a lot of online demos and detailed help, click to visit Replace Pioneer online demos or Replace Pioneer online help.

If you have read this line, CONGRATULATIONS! You have grasped almost all aspects of "Replace Pionneer", don't you think to use it is just a piece of cake! You are just one click away from the latest version of "Replace Pioneer", Free download Replace Pioneer now!

However, Although deep research and great effort has been done to improve the usability of the tool, still there is a gap between basic computer users and advanced usage of "Replace Pioneer".

Fortunately, "Replace Pioneer" is powerful enough for our support engineers to work out a solution for you in a short time. Do not hesitate to go to to get our Free text conversion services!

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Money makes the "world" go round ...

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