Who need "Replace Pioneer"?
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In general, If you often need to deal with text or data file on computer and you want to improve your efficiency, you probably need "Replace Pioneer".



Following examples are only "the Tip of the Iceberg":


1. You need to change a group of html files, change the title and all http links inside them following your own rule.


2. You get output from Application A, and the Application B need it as input file, but the format are totally incompatiable.


3. You have hundreds of web page files encoding with "gb2312", you need to change to "utf-8" and change label charset=utf-8.


4. You need to make a beautiful report base on the data from many free format text files, you have to edit and copy useful info from them manually one by one.


5. You have a group of files, you need to add a description at the beginning of each file, and join them into a big file with your perferred order.


6. You want to split "Charter of United Nations" into mutiple files automatically, each file contain one chapter or fixed number of lines.


7. You are a researcher in language area, you want to count the use frequency of different words or character combinations by processing text in large amount of web pages.


8. You have a Acronym dictionary, for reading convenience, you want to give translation of each first appearred Acronym in your document.


9. You are a good programmer, you need to replace all your variable name into meaningless name, in case your source code has risk of being de-compiled and modified.


10. You have a group of files, each contains only a column of database table, you want to recover the table by pasting these files together.


11. You are a test engineer, you need to analyze many complicated log files to get a test result.


12. You want to rename, copy hundreds of files base on your own rule, such as changing filename to specific content in file.


13. You need to download all pdf and exe files from an http address.


14. You have a file not knowing the encoding type, you need system to detect it for you automatically.


15. You want to change part or whole binary file to readable text, or add values on specified bytes.


16. You want to replace some words or extract text from many doc or pdf files automatically.



For detailed example list, please see "List of Examples" part, start from Chars replace, these examples are all runable with "Replace by template" button.