What's new in "Replace Pioneer" 2.6?
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1. Supports user-defined functions/subroutines:



Open menu "Settings -> My Library", a dialogue of "Load my library" is popped up,



You can define your own perl subroutines here and invoke it anywhere when need.



2. Supports batch running user-defined applications in "Batch Runner" window:



Open menu "Tools->Batch Runner", a "Run Apps" button is added in "Batch Runner" window,



Run applications/statements dialogue is popped up when "Run Apps" button is clicked,




You can select different template and edit self-defined code, and click "Run" to run the code on each input and output filename.




3. Improve file extraction, supports "extract" option in "Fast Replace" operation:



(1) In "Batch Runner" window, click "Fast Replace" open "Fast Replace" dialogue, a new option of "Extract" is supported, when "extract" option is enabled, only the matched part will be output.




(2) Add some templates to support extracting files:



extract first 5 lines


extract last 5 lines


extract lines start with abc


extract all links


extract all http addresses


extract all email addresses



4. Improve function chars,words,lines and sort functions, support range parameters:



Take chars as example:


syntax 1:




=> return the "start_no" to "end_no" characters



syntax 2(new):





=> if the 2nd and 3rd parameters contains symbols other than digit, they will be explained as range1, range2


for example, chars(text, "5,6,8..10", "11,12") will extract the 5,6,8,9,10,11,12 characters from the text



5. Improve sort functions:



(1) add a 'date' type parameter, support sorting text with date type:






for example, if the second word in each line in "text" is a date type, user can sort the lines by date type:





(2) add new function sort_by_func, which enable user to sort text by the execution result of self-define function:



sort_by_func(text,'function_name'|'{function body}',[,'num'][,'uniq'][,'ic'][,'desc'])


=> sort a multi-line text by the execution result of function on each line


you can use pre-defined function_name as well as anonymous function body enclosed by a pair of {}


the text of each line will be passed to function as first parameter


for example, sort_by_func($match,'length','num') will call the length() to get the length of each line, and sort by calculated length of each line



6. Fix crash issue when pasting some unicode text to edit window.



7. Minor improvements and issue fix:



* Change File_line/File_content/Html_title default type from "nametext" to "text"


* Clear variables before running fast replace


* Fix macro definition issue for \t and \n


* Fix md5sum function issue


* Change %y to %Y in date time related replace template